Anti-Corruption Exhibition Held at Asiatic Centre

Every year, people all over the world celebrates Anticorruption Day by trying to raise awareness. So this year, we too decided to participate in raising awareness.

Another ‘agenda’ (ahem) of this campaign was to introduce the Art and Copywriter team to each other, as many new faces have on-boarded. So, as a creative agency, the Asiatic Digital creative team (sorry Servicing Team!) came together quite literally – nearly 30 people packed in a room with the capacity of 8 people – and planned a campaign.

For the first time ever, Asiatic Digital held an Anticorruption exhibition – in association with Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) – online and at the garage of Asiatic Marketing Communications Limited (AMCL).

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The cooped up Creative team brainstormed and suffocated together with the occasional confused Account Executive peeping in, and decided to create teams of two – one art person and one copywriter. These teams chose their own perspective of the corruption they want to raise awareness for and created as many posters and visuals as they wanted, however they wanted. One team decided to literally do what they wanted and hung frames with anticorruption mottos from the tree outside the AMCL office.

The judge panel consisted of all the Creative Directors (Sharmin Apu, Monwar Bhai, Sohel Bhai, Shamim Bhai and Raju Bhai) and the Planning Vice President Aditya Da of Asiatic MCL, with the honorary guest judges, Sara Zaker and Neville Ferdous Hasan. After a whole day hanging posters with the help of the Servicing team (some even kept the clients at bay!) and watching posters hang, the judges announced the winning teams: First place went to Rupai and Ruka, Second Place went to Niaz (not a copywriter) and Rajib while Third Place went to Upoma and Herok. However, there was a participation award, given to the innovative display of framings by Ananta and Jony.

These works were shared online by the Asiatic MCL page, as well as on multiple platforms by TIB. All in all, this was a unique campaign that allowed the creative team exercise their free will and creativity, expressing themselves in the process.

– Nawshin S Nawal